Read about how our acquisition of a competitor provided access to Worldcom’s global resources and partner support.

Meropa’s involvement with the Worldcom Public Relations Group was a happy accident.

We acquired a competitor, which was a Worldcom partner. It was a good deal for us and one which would become a good deal better once we began to appreciate what being a partner was about.

At first, we thought it meant that we’d get referrals from 132 offices in 49 countries on six continents. We were wrong.

We do get referrals. In fact, more than from any other partnership or network in which we’ve been involved over the years. But that’s only a small part of the advantage being a Worldcom partner gives us.

The partner request system is a quick and efficient way to source in-depth, expert information on just about any topic, from avoiding the pitfalls of virtual press conferences to raising awareness about breast cancer. It’s a formidable tool for us and our clients.

The speed, extent and detail of the feedback is extraordinary.

Peer-to-peer workshops give us insights into global best practice, from better financial management to strategic planning and artificial intelligence to innovations in media monitoring.

These shared learnings were especially useful during South Africa’s hard lockdown as we came to terms with working from home, keeping our employees motivated during a very difficult time and finding new ways to add value to our clients.

Of course, not everything is relevant to our or our market – a staggering amount of knowledge and information gets shared across a huge range of topics – but stuck down at the southern tip of Africa, at least we know about innovations in New York, London, Sydney, Stockholm and 111 other cities.

By posting case studies we can showcase our own work and creativity globally. We also learn from those our partners post.

Finally, Worldcom allows us to benchmark against our peers. We’re one of the largest independent agencies in South Africa and in 2019 were named the best agency on the continent.

When the accolades abound it’s easy to get complacent and overtaken. Participation in Worldcom keeps us humble and hungry for knowledge and better ways of doing things.

The annual peer review forces us to check that our business processes and systems and financial management are still on par with those of our global peers.

Being a Worldcom partner makes us a better agency for our clients and a better place for our employees to work.