We are so pleased to share the latest video from Ford SA’s ‘Our Ford Stories’ video series, coinciding with Ford South Africa’s centenary celebrations.

The video shines a spotlight on Ford’s vibrant and diverse car clubs across the country. It highlights the close-knit communities of passionate individuals who share a united loyalty to the Ford brand, and a love for its iconic nameplates.

These clubs celebrate the various models that have made Ford a beloved brand over the years. From classic Mustangs, hot hatches, to the latest Rangers, members come together to experience their vehicles as they were meant to be enjoyed. These activities can include road trips, off-road adventures, charity convoys or the art of self-expression by personalising their cars – there’s something for everyone!

As Ford South Africa celebrates its 100th anniversary, these car clubs will continue to foster friendships between new generations of Ford fanatics. The legacy of Ford’s rich history, coupled with the enduring passion of these communities, will keep the Ford spirit alive for years to come.

You can watch and share the video herehttps://youtu.be/LQo_tJwQDSs

Alternatively you can download it here: https://url.za.m.mimecastprotect.com/s/Uq0HCvgJGOFWr0OGuQLCvc