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New study finds that 60% of companies handle crisis badly.

Studied 105 crises in 80 companies; sentiment in 450 000 media & 85 000 social media posts

A new, empirical study on companies in crisis has shown that the way your respond – and the speed with which you do it – can dramatically impact...

Meropa named 2019 Africa Consultancy of the Year
Reputation risk to inform decisions
Will Gillette get a wedgie or windfall?
Worldcom PR Group Releases 2019 Predictions and Top 10 Communications Tips

Worldcom PR Group draws on the knowledge of its 2000+ consultants to predict the issues that will face its clients in 2019
Includes top 10 Communications recommendations
Insights on the changing social media landscape, privacy legislators,...

KgateloPele: Forming a baseline for future careers

Successful partnerships are inevitable once an agency and its clients realise the mutual benefits of aligning their goals. The Meropa Communications Internship Programme, KgateloPele – which means bravely taking steps forward – develops young,...

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