In a different sense we also move ourselves. Like yesterday it was Hyde Park, the day thereafter Freestone and now we have Inanda’s horses on the one side and Sasol on the other. Of course, horses mean flies – and we don’t like them on us.

What has been a constant, is the open-plan office. The thinking behind this is that we will have more contact with other Meropians, there will be more collaboration and thus productivity will go sky high.

That, at least, is the theoretical view. Fact is that we are put into a smaller space to save space. The more there are of us, the less space there is for us! And the result is a negative.

According to the Economist, there is scientific evidence which points to this – that research found that face-to-face interactions were more than three times higher in the old, cubicle-based offices than in an open-plan space where employees have clear lines of sight to each other. In contrast the number of e-mails send to each other increased by 56%.

Productivity goes down.

Which is another way of saying that you are not working as hard as you could, or, should have. Of course, it is difficult to concentrate on your work, but by some grace there are times when the office is quiet. Quiet, not working, just tuned to earphones!