Tracking for Success

Proven and tangible results. We achieve this for our clients through the efficient use of measuring and tracking tools, making us accountable for our efforts while ensuring you continuously achieve breakthrough results.

The Meropa Way

While The Meropa Way is a continuously evolving approach, it never wavers from its core principles: Research, Strategy and Measurement. Our team lives and breathes these communications fundamentals.

Identify your audiences

Define and understand audience perceptions

How do we meet their expectations

Create a concrete action plan

Define KPIs

Constantly track results


We measure the impact and effectiveness of all the work we do. This informs the 
ongoing strategic process and is tailored to your specific needs. While subscribing to the Barcelona Principles of PR measurement, we are able to provide the following:

Quantitative results:

  • Return On Investment
  • Audience Reach
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Data Analytics
  • Number of Media Hits for Earned Editorials
  • Number of Opportunities to See for Earned Editorials
  • Value of Earned Editorial
  • Attendance at Events
  • Number of Stakeholder Engagements

Qualitative results:

  • Message Recall
  • Sentiment
  • Behaviour Change
  • Perception Change
  • Impact on Sales & Enquiries
  • Feedback from Business Units
  • Relevance of Communications
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