Tata International reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to Operation Smile South Africa (OSSA) during an emotional and heartwarming gathering at the office of its subsidiary Tata Africa Holdings in Sandton. The occasion marked the annual donation handover, highlighting Tata International’s ongoing dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its profound impact on communities.

“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in our DNA and lies at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to integrating social and ethical principles at the very core of our business, thereby enhancing long-term stakeholder value and positively influencing the lives of all the people within the greater Tata International family, said Len Brand, Managing Director of Tata Africa Holdings.

Emphasising Tata International’s dedication to CSR, the event kicked off by highlighting the ten guiding principles that shape Tata International’s approach.

Tata International in Africa remains deeply committed to generating societal value beyond mere financial gain. As per Tata International’s ethos, success is measured not just in economic terms but also by its positive influence on the community.

Sarah Scarth, Executive Director of Operation Smile South Africa, expressed heartfelt appreciation to Tata International and all attendees for their steadfast and continuous support. Since 2006, Operation Smile has been instrumental in providing comprehensive cleft care in underserved regions of South Africa, addressing critical needs in rural areas where access to such care is limited.

Operation Smile’s priorities for the next year include expanding access to cleft care, reducing surgical backlogs, strengthening healthcare systems, and leveraging volunteerism. Cleft lip and palate, affecting one in every 1,000 births, can lead to severe health complications if left untreated. Operation Smile’s mission is to eliminate barriers to safe surgery, saving lives and combating the stigma associated with this condition.

Tshepo Manetja, a smile ambassador from Botlokwa, Limpopo, shared his inspiring journey of transformation. Born with a cleft lip and palate, Tshepo found hope through Operation Smile’s intervention, receiving life-changing surgeries that restored his voice and confidence. His story stresses the profound impact of the enduring partnership between Operation Smile and Tata International. “The first time I heard my voice clearly, was on my 21st birthday, thanks to the amazing work done by Operation Smile,” says Tshepo.

The collaboration between Operation Smile and Tata International represents a shared commitment to social impact, transforming lives and building a brighter future for generations to come.